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Red Handed Jill

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Mar 15, 2010
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There are many days when I feel that there should be something between "aspiring" and "newbie." Almost as if I am still too clueless or inexperienced to be a real innkeeper, newbie or not.
But, we have passed yet another benchmark in our growth. Starting tonight, the phone gets turned off at 8 PM. Guests in house can knock on our private door.or ring the bell if it's later than 10. (We're usually pretty easy to find until then.)
Granted, I really felt bad for the woman who was on the road at 3 AM looking for a place to stay...but that probably didn't come across...especially since the first two handsets I picked up had dead batteries (or maybe that was my sleep addled brain...)
The lady last night, I didn't feel so sorry for. She couldn't have asked the questions she did without looking at our website, but decided to call *me* instead of continuing to click and read. AND we didn't even have availability for her date...(oh, wait, she would have seen that if she'd kept clicking...)
Anyway, I figure that getting a cheerful message suggesting they "call back after breakfast has been served or feel free to peruse our website in the meantime" will be better PR than my interrupted-sleep-phone persona.
I no longer answer the phone late at night either. (I look at the caller ID to make sure it is not my family calling with an emergency. - have elderly father)
Calling that late they are either A) looking for a hotel or B) thinking a b&b may be cheaper than A
I also don't answer after 9pm. I turn the phone off and it just goes to voice mail. Guests know where I am or they can call my cell phone which is posted in the room if there is a dire emergency. I don't answer until after breakfast has been served in the morning.
If I could, I would unplug at 9:00 also. My problem is that there is no cell service at our b&b so our guests can't be reached in case of an emergency.
If you have cell service at your place, then by all means, give yourself some peace and quiet!

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