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Oct 7, 2008
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I had a strange idea pop into my head I have another renewal for a B&B directory before me which I am not renewing this year - and giving TA a chance to prove itself instead.
I know a few from the forum had been at an innkeeping conference this week where they were given plenty of innformation - - What if, when all is said and done we actually get NO bookings from the B&B directories? What if it is all or mostly organic listing in google and other search engines...what if...after all - our local CVB and Websites are the only thing truly driving guests to our doors?
Your thoughts?
Does your conversion rates show different?
State & local websites are right up there. Google Local is RIGHT up there. TA gets a lot of 'that's where I found you'. Directories not so much. Just They are still driving the traffic.
According to Google Analytics it is Google (people searching directly for our Inn name which might be a reflection of TA searches), then B&, then bbfinder.
I know we've had this discussion many times here and I am not judging anyone who uses the TA monster to their advantage. But I simply refuse to give that site a dime of my money until they get some accountability from their reviewers. Perhaps I'll end up trying to survive purely on my ideals but so be it.

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