Guests Smoke Weed In Room

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Yes: "enjoyed seeing this thread and so many old friends again!"

My up-date, we have had no problems with legalized marijuana in Oregon.
Guests often ask and since we have a comfortable covered outdoors smoking space, no complaints. We do have a few people vape in the room, typically nicotine, some cannabis, and I'll comment as appropriate.
Personally, I have a dog's scent ability, which means not just smelling something, but recognizing what it is, and detecting where it is coming from. People are surprised. I figure if something happens that I can't smell then it won't be a problem for anyone else.
I think the don't-market-kids-vape regulatory pressure on vape manufacturers has cut out most of the candy flavored vape products, and it was that perfume, not the nicotine/glycol/glycerin that was most obnoxious.
Perfume itself can be a problem for me, but my guests usually go light and good quality, and I actually find it helpful to get an idea of who just came in the side door or who is about to come up for breakfast. But then there was the guy with the AXE body spray!
And, of course, all laundry, soaps, cleaning supplies are fragrance-free. Candles of any kind are banned just like smoking, for safety reasons. A few people have had aroma therapy/mood candles which I have had to deal with.