Have you ever slept in your guest rooms?

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May 30, 2008
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I think another way to ask this question have you ever walked a mile in your guests shoes?
When we built our guest cottages, we assumed that we had thought of every detail, every amenity, every comfort that we could. This weekend I received a suggestion from one of our guests that we might put a simple night light in the bathroom as it is pitch black dark in the room at night. Duh! It never occurred to us. Our demographic usually does have to get up in the middle of the night.
This got me to thinking as to what other detail we might have missed.
We've had several discussions here in the forum about visiting other B&Bs to take notes, but have you ever "stayed" at your own B&B?
yes and it needs to be done, not just sleep in them, but bring all your gear like you would for a weekend away. contain yourself in a guest room and see what is missing or needs to be moved.
nightlights are important - esp if you have ceiling fans attached to the light overhead like some places that blast you awake in the middle of the night. lights NOT too bright is important, lights bright enough to put on makeup for the ladies before it is light out, is equally important.
Yes. I have stayed in every one of my guest rooms before they were opened to the public. Its quite illuminating. It brought to my attention, sounds from adjoining rooms that I never expected to hear. This is one reason not all my guest rooms have a TV and why some have headboard bolted to the wall.
I saw dusty areas that I never would have noticed without laying in bed. Things like that. I recommend every Innkeeper sleep in their guestrooms at least once.
Yes! It is quite illuminating. Nightlights, small fans in case someone likes white noise, extra outlets or extension cords, extra tables for more surface space.
AND I have since had our housekeepers LAY ON THE BED to see how dusty that light fixture and the corners of the ceiling look...not the impression you want your guests to have.
Absolutely. ...stay in your rooms/cabins...just as if you were guests. Hmmm nightlights..that is the first thing I look for. So when I wake up in a strange place in the middle of the night...I want to be able to find my way to the bathroom. I travel with my own..just in case. Go here for a copy of our state inspection form, maybe it will give you some more ideas you hadn't thought of.
The emergency lights you can buy at lowes or sams club have nightlights and emergency lights (flashlight style) in one, they are pretty nifty. I know I just removed 3 of them to vacuum... :)
Absolutely. And I took my laptop & cell phone with me to make sure that I could plug them in. This is why I added surge protector power strips in a couple of locations in each guest room. I still find cell phone chargers plugged into the weirdest places...........
I probably sleep in our guest rooms more than most. Since we live in a different house, I pack my bags and move into a room if it is empty. If we are full, I have a bedroom and bath in an apartment not yet renovated. But not nearly as nice.

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