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Jun 24, 2008
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Just had to share some good news. Last month I was interviewed (along with a couple of other local innkeepers) by a regional Policical & Business Publication regarding our B&B, the state of the B&B industry. We were given top billing thoughout the article that spaned over 3 pages after beginning on page 1. This publication is free and is delivered to each home as well as in many restaurants & coffee shops. The phone has been non-stop since it hit the mail boxes early this month and our little dead end road has come to life with lookieloos driving by. A couple of good bookings so far - 2 full house extended weekends 1 for reunion, 1 for wedding...hopefully we will get more from this!!!
AND I just got off the phone with the BIG city newspaper who interviewed me for an article in their travel/entertainment section to be published 2 weekends from now. Hope that article will be as positive as the one above.
this is so great ~ you have the art of self promotion down pat, i think. while promoting your area, you are attracting attention and business to your place. so wonderful! and so well deserved!
That is wonderful! Congratulations!!!
Halleluia and amen!! Publicity is best when it makes the phone ring!!!
Just had lunch at a local hot spot (that has the above mentioned publication in a rack. We had several people stop at the table and say what a great article. How nice to be recognized!

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