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Don Draper

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Aug 10, 2008
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We have frequent guests who just left this morning, before they came here they were at the Nora Roberts' owned b&b in Boonsboro, MD. For those who don't know, Nora is a popular romance novelist. Evidently Nora herself is at the Inn frequently and even bartends at their restaurant! Our guests had a great time, they stayed in "The Penthouse" and she was all a-giggle about the "Magic" toilets (the kind that has the built in bidet/dryer function). So cute! for anyone who's interested.
Way cool!!! I will have to go visit my sister in MD and we will check it out! Not exactly cheap is it?! But if you are going to put 3 million into a that even possible?!
Our guests agreed that it was not cheap but they really enjoyed it. They thought it was very elegant. It was a treat for their 40th wedding anniversary.
My friend in Yorktown VA has the TOTO toilets in his place if you ever are there and want a thrill:) for much less.