The overnight metamorphosis phenomenon

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May 30, 2008
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It never ceases to amaze me the transformation that takes place in our guest after they've been allowed to commune with nature and get a good nights sleep. We had a couple arrive yesterday who were very quiet and reserved and both looked like they'd swallowed something sour. <--Read Potential PITAs
This morning they were smiling, animated and stated that they never wanted to leave.
This is what I say all the time! It is the BnB guest Jeckyl and Hyde syndrome. Even the very-nice-guests get aggravated from travelling, or even working all day and getting to you on a friday after work - or all week, I should say. You can see the stress falling off them in cascades! The reason I ONLY take payment at check out. After they are fat and happy from breakfast and too much coffee.
When I worked in the restaurant industry dinners were up to the wait person to entertain and reverse the crappy day the guests had had. The Dinner crowd is a tough crowd to please. Once I worked breakfast at Bob's Big Boy when I was young (before they nearly all closed down) and the saturday morning breakfast club would roll in, freshly showered, coffee cup in hand and happy to be there! I loved that. Not only did they smell better than the dinner crowd, their whole attitude was a pleasant fragrance.
Folks can be wired on the travel day......
Usualy a nap, couple hours unwinding time or the over night sleep sets folks right

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