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    Took me long enough to figure this one out

    Well, we don't have a 1 night surcharge, but instead the 10% discount for booking on our website doesn't apply to 1 nighters.... so end result is the same
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    Our Seasons Of Discontent... or Why I Wanted To Quit Today

    For the couple not happy with there room, I told them the size of the room was well indicated on bdc, that they simply didn't pay attention, and offered to let them off no fees for the last 3 days if they found other accommodations. I figured that if they were miserable for 4 days, they would...
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    Tesla Destination charging

    Good afternoon friends. Generic and I finally did it.... We bought a Tesla Model 3 .... this is going to be the longest 2 to 4 weeks (according to Tesla's website) or 3 to 4 months (according to saleman) while waiting for delivery ! Now, we have been approved to be have a destination charger at...
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    Crack down by the city on AirBNB ? It is a very small step !

    Oh... and before someone ask: Gite Olé Olé = Risqué or Sexy B&B :) And the original article mentionned bare breast dealer for the poker game.... not barefoot :)
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    Remorse & Entitlement....

    That's what happens when you get young americans, not legally able to drink in the US, come to Montreal, where they can abuse alcohol legally at age 18, when they can't handle it
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    End of a long weekend

    Maybe you should get a CPAP machine that you can lend to the snorer !!
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    Crack down by the city on AirBNB ? It is a very small step !

    Here is an article from the local newspaper... it shows the problems that AirBNB can generate in the community. The original article is in french, so I am putting the link for the article translated by Google, so it might not be perfect, but you should get most of it...
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    Dropping off the luggage?

    I guess it depends on where you are. By us, the majority of our guests arrive by bus or by air, and then get to our place with public transit or taxi, so they do not have a car, and I do understand them not wanting to log around their big suitcase until 3PM.
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    Government rates & meal per diems

    I hate government rate (we actually don't have one!), specially for someone travelling with a spouse and on the weekend. Is there any ways to ask them to prove they are staying for work reason ? If he is extending is work trip by 2 days to enjoy the weekend, shouldn't we be allowed to charge...
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    Kitchen gadgets

    Wow.... I first read "we buy pot in the supermarket, this time of year we grow our own"..... So I thought you would but a pot leaf as garnish to your breakfasts.... that might actually drum up business :)
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    HI This Week... Chargebacks!

    I don't think it is as Anthony told the owner to not do business with the agency anymore and it would cut down enormously on the chargeback... as of last night the hotel in question was still being offered on
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    Innkeepers staying at other B&Bs

    What about fake innkeepers ? We once had a guest that said she owned a B&B somewhere in California... wouldn't tell us the name, and then she asked what we did the rest of the day, after the 15 minutes it takes us to clean the rooms... eat bonbons ? That is when we knew that she was fake, or...
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    Civil Litigation Lawyers for Vaction Rental

    Was there a reason given as to why they asked for a refund ? Have you met these guests ? Or did you simply process the charge with a credit card number that they gave you ? Are you sure they were really the cardholder ? Have you contacted the guests and ask why ? My guess is that they used a...
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    Tea - how simple or elaborate is your tea selection?

    We have a very large variety of teas and herbal teas, most of them from Stash teas. Our most popular one is "Breakfast in Paris", which has a touch of lavender in it. Now... if you had the exact same tea, but named it "Breakfast in Kandahar", do you think it would be as popular ?
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    Babies Are Not Real People

    I am sorry, but if it said no babies on your website, or on the OTA rules, then it is perfectly acceptable to tell them to find other accommodations. You might have to forget about the cancellation fees, to be accommodating, but at least you won't have to deal with unwanted guests