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    Favorite fall breakfasts?

    Cranberry-Apple compotes, Pumpkin Waffles with bourbon whipped cream, Dutch babies with sauteed apples
  2. tedwin

    New coffee carafe advice needed

    We used these and found them to be handsome and reliable. They do a great job of keeping the coffee hot. Very pricey, but classic design.
  3. tedwin

    Refunding so room can be put on a different card

    On our old card swipe machine, transactions were stored on the machine until you submitted a batch. You could cancel a transaction from the machine at no cost if you got to it before submitting the batch. We now use Sq uare and there is no penalty to the merchant for issuing a refund.
  4. tedwin

    Food processor suggestions?

    I love my old Cuisinart DLC-5. It has a simple drop chute without all the intricate, fussy plastic safety locks that newer models have on the plunger. Since Cuisinart no longer makes them, you can find lightly-used ones on eBay (U.S.) for cheap.
  5. tedwin

    Panini press?

    The sandwiches are beautiful but my attention went straight to the champagne grapes. Where do you find them? Do you grow your own? I'd have to drive into DC to find those.
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    Why guests fail to mention allergies

    We have a similar time range but state it as "Breakfast seatings available at 8:00, 8:30 or 9:00" It helps us to coordinate use of the griddle and oven to have discrete seating times. And I think it subtly implies that it's not a self-serve buffet.
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    Picnic Lunch

    I wish we could provide picnic meals but our health department doesn't allow it without a commercial license. A bento box to-go would be a fun idea. Unfortunately, most of the disposable bento boxes I've seen look like frozen dinner trays! My favorite picnic sandwich is the Vietnamese Banh Mi...
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    Picking paint colors

    Learned of this site at the Mid-Atlantic conference: It allows you to play around with the color wheel. Pick a base color and find complimentary colors.
  9. tedwin

    Do you give repeat guests perks?

    We give repeat guests their 10th night free. Not something we advertise but I nice gesture of appreciation.
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    Res key down?

    I was able to log in and view our availability calendar as of 2:50 PM Eastern.
  11. tedwin

    Res key down?

    I just got an e-mail from John. He is aware of the problem and is working to restore the network.
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    I love the MyFonts newsletter. I'm a sucker for all the new fonts they promote. Have you looked at Moonshine Script NF? It comes fairly close.
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    Another nail in the Webervations coffin

    Received this e-mail from Webervations today: Dear Innkeeper, We're writing to let you know about an important change to Webervations. As of March 15, 2012, we will no longer accept FTP (file transfer protocol) connections to Webervations. What this means for you is that if your property...
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    K-Cup organizer

    I know several innkeepers use the Keurig style single-serve coffee machines. I just came across this attractive K-Cup organizer at Amazon.
  15. tedwin

    Governement rate

    Not here. We offer government rate for official business, on weekdays only and it's limited to single occupancy.