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    Our Springtime Flowers

  2. Skamokawa

    A little humor

    Happy today. We started a short term rental in a nearby city some time ago. When the city started the licensing process I was the first to apply. I've had the basic business license and have been paying taxes. Now, finally, the city has finalized their short term rental policy, rooms only...
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    Both eyes done

    Fingers crossed for full recovery!
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    Question regarding using AIR as a "bridge."

    I agree with Beach House. Don't know Seattle's rules for Air, but for B&B it can be tricky, especially for parking. Be nice with neighbors will go a long way. Hope you're not near the ferry dock :) If Air works for you - go for it. Best of luck! Born there, now in SW WA.
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    Air Reviews

    This statement is incorrect. After 14 days reviews are posted, regardless of whether both parties have been reviewed or not. Neither party can see the other's review until: 1. Both have reviewed, or 2. The 14 days have passed. I have waited until the very end of the review period to post a poor...
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    Your take on laundry services for guests

    $10/load, wash and fold.
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    Scariest Project Ever!

    Your friend did the right thing for everyone.
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    Where do your old linen/towels go to die?

    Old and not stained or threadbare go to the vacation rental. Next stop after lightly stained they get put in the 'dog towel' basket for the canine loving guests. After that they get used for shop and painting rags.
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    Where do your old linen/towels go to die?

    That provided a much needed laugh! Basil-worthy!
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    New Amenities

    I still use Greenwich Bay. Custom "Your Inn" labeling. Free shipping in large quantities.
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    New Amenities

    I stayed at some of these years ago in England. Great for a young backpacker. Way better than the hostels then.
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    Scariest Project Ever!

    Sorry you were left with the mess. Our departed tenant was a hoarder. The next of kin have been notified via registered letters about the deadline they have to remove his belongings. There has been no response. I've been boxing up the private papers and family photos the law requires us to...
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    Scariest Project Ever!

    LOL. When we were using a planer to remove paint from used floorboards we purchased to match the existing ground floor, the shop vac was aces at containing the vast majority of the mess generated. It was also great at removing dust particles from between floorboards prior to refinished. Shop...
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    Innkeepers staying at other B&Bs

    I rarely have said, and other than folks here, I will not going forward unless it seems like a happy conversational thing. I just want to be happy at another's inn.
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    Tenth Anniversary

    Congratulations! Happy to have learned from you and everyone else here during the last decade. Thank you