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Oct 8, 2008
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Hello! At last, I have found the innkeeper's forum I have been looking for

My wife and I have had a contract on a local B&B for about a month now, contingent on the sale of our home. I know, terrible time to be selling but pretty good time to buy! This will be her business. She has been a wallpaper hanger for 30 years and we have been looking to get her off the ladder for some time now. I'll keep my job and now I have a second job.....
I can not say a lot at this time as the current owner has asked us not to go public quite yet, but I really look forward to spilling the beans soon and hopefully our house will sell, whew is this stressful.
Your forum has everything I have been looking for. I drive a desk and am a member of several hobby forums so know a bit about forum-speak

Kids are done with college, no mid-life crisis for us - it's a midlife re-invention. We are really looking forward to this, now someone buy our house!
Here is hoping all jells soon for you. Welcome to the Forum.
Good luck and welcome
Just remember that it is your job too with your dw even though you'll still have that other job. Today my dh forgot that little tidbit and I was ready to throttle him. He was tired as he had gotten up early for a special project at work. I was up just as early and on my feet most of the day. He's tucked in & I'm up waiting for late arriving guests who have had a hideous travel day. See how it can go??
Keep us posted on your progress

Mid-life reinvention. Perfect. Can't wait to hear where you are and all the news! Good luck with the sale.
:welcome: !!!
After being on a ladder, making beds and doing laundry should be a breeze, right? (It's all the rest of that stuff you've got to watch out for...)

We're glad you're here.
Cool. You guys are quick
The topics here address every thing we have been wondering about. Fantastic reading!
I really wish I could be full-time assistant innkeeper but we need that second income to fund the remodel we would like to do. I am totally into this adventure and really looking forward to coming home at night! We are west of the Mississippi with 8 rooms......
Thanks for the welcome!
Welcome rrh. Glad you found us and glad you think we have been a help already...it only gets better from here LOL
Welcome from another new innkeeper...keep the faith and things will work out!
Mary Jo
welcome, rrh - we look forward to hearing all about your new adventure! My husband "graduated" from his fed job just over a year ago and we haven't looked back since!!! Enjoy!
Welcome! I love your term mid-life reinvention. Very clever!!
Welcome and good luck. Stick around here and you'll get an earful of help and conversation.
Welcome r

I like your attitude! That is half the battle in life. We look forward to hearing more of your venture.
Tomorrow night we are attending the economic council fund raiser so we can meet our new (hopefully) business neighbors and we are going to let them know who we are, so although not officially public, here is a pic of the front

Are we to guess which state? Go ahead, taunt us. We might surprise you! This way you don't have to give it all away at once, since it is not a done deal as of yet.
Let's see my guess will be looking at the color scheme and type of house it is -